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Will Medicare Pay For My Stairlift? All Stairlift Grants In Australia

Since Medicare's Inception in Australia in 1984, it has been covering a number of different installations for home assistance and mobility products. Unfortunately, Medicare will not cover all mobility assistive products. 

In short, No, Medicare will not cover or pay for your stairlift. 

Medicare has decided that stairlifts are not medically sine qua non, or in other words, essential

In these cases, essential is a matter of perspective, as a stairlift can mean the difference between staying in your home or selling and having to move to a single level house, which, when you account for all of the costs associated with buying and selling a house, moving, and more, can total up to nearly $70,000, which is far more expensive than installing a stairlift!

Check out our stairlift pricing guide to learn more or continue reading to find out the best way to save money on your stairlift in Australia.

*It is worth noting that you may see some other articles mentioning that stairlifts have been covered by Medicare in Australia since 2020 through a new program called Medicare Advantage. This is however incorrect, as Medicare Advantage does not exist in Australia and is rather related to Medicare in America.

How To Save Money On Your Stairlift!

Our free service at Lifts For Homes, is the easiest way to find the right stairlift for you and get the best price possible!

Our experienced consultants work with you to best understand your needs and requirements. We then match you with the best stairlift suppliers and models in Australia to ensure you get the best deal. We regularly save our clients thousands of dollars by getting them accurate quotes to compare. 

If you are in the market for a stairlift, save yourself time and money by allowing us to source the most competitive stairlift quotes at no cost to you!

What Other Government Grants Are Available?

Within Australia, there are a number of different government bodies and schemes that can provide assistance in getting a stairlift. Though most of the time, you must already be a member of or qualify for these schemes to seek assistance from them for a stairlift, it is worth mentioning them below: 

DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs)

As of 2024, the Department of Veteran Affairs is the only government department that is open to covering the entire cost of a stairlift in Australia. 

This is currently only available to clients with a gold card or White Card with an accepted condition relating to the clinical need for the equipment.

There are a number of other criteria that clients are required to meet for a home lift to be installed. We recommend reviewing the DVAs’ documentation on Complex Home Modifications Including Lifts to better understand if you are eligible.

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

NDIS is another public scheme that can be leveraged to provide funding for stairlifts and other vertical transport products.

 If you are an NDIS client, and have funds available, you can speak to your case manager who can organise quotes to be obtained on your behalf for a stairlift.

We recommend that you suggest your case manager contact us to provide quotes to ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your NDIS funds. 

You can check out the NDIS’s page on Home Modifications here.


MyAgedCare is a government scheme targeted at assisting older Australians in gaining access to crucial products and services. 

MyAgedCare operates under 4 different package levels, level 1 for basic cover through to level 4. Stairlifts fall under the category of “Home Modifications” within MyAgedCare and eligibility is determined via an assessment of need. 

If you are eligible for MyAgedCare, you must find approved providers to provide quotes which can then be approved under your care package. Lifts For Homes can help assist with this process.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is also a separate sub offering under MyAgedCare and may also be of assistance.

How To Move Forward…

Again, the best way for the average Australian to save money on their stairlift is to know the market and ensure they are not overpaying, while purchasing the right stairlift for their needs.

The easiest way for you to do that is to use Lifts For Homes to get access to up to 3 competitive and customised stairlift quotes from suitable providers across Australia. 

Use the contact form below to start this process today, saving you time and money in your journey to achieving freedom in your home!

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