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Home Lift Servicing & Maintenance | Cost + Contract Guide 2023

Home Lift Maintenance & Servicing

Maintaining a safe and efficient home lift system is essential for ensuring the longevity of your investment and the safety of its users. Just like your car or any other kind of heavy machinery, lifts, and home lifts require regular servicing to function at their best while upholding the relevant Australian Standards, AS1735. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of home lift servicing and maintenance, exploring the various types of services offered, their costs, and what to look for when choosing a maintenance provider in Australia.

Types Of Lift Maintenance & Servicing Offered

Firstly, we feel it is important to first understand what sort of lift maintenance offers are available. 

Understanding the world of home lift maintenance can be very confusing and we know this can be an afterthought for most people. However, understanding the distinct types of maintenance and servicing is crucial, not only for the longevity and efficient operation of your lift but also to make sure that you get the best value for your money, which is part of the reason why I started Lifts For Homes in the first place.

In this section, we'll break down the various forms of lift servicing offered, making it easier for you to discern what your home lift might need and when. From comprehensive maintenance packages to one-off services, here's a detailed look at the options at your disposal.

Lift Maintenance Packages

Firstly, we’ll cover lift maintenance or servicing packages. Maintenance packages are the cornerstone of any long-term home lift care plan. Most lift installers and manufacturers offer these packages as an integral part of their after-sales service with the process generally starting as part of the warranty offered by most companies upon installing the lift unit.

Generally, for residential lifts, these maintenance contracts will have a period of between 2 - 5 years, at which these can be reviewed and renewed. 

These packages typically include regular check-ups, periodic servicing, and, in some cases, emergency services. The exact terms can vary but often come with assurances of timely service and routine check-ups.

Generally, these packages can range in price according to a number of different factors that we will explore later in this guide, but the peace of mind they offer in ensuring the longevity and safety of your home lift is invaluable.

One-Off Lift Servicing

A one-off lift service is ideal for situations like when a new homeowner inherits a lift system. This stand-alone service ensures that the lift is in top-notch condition before it's regularly used.

Other instances when one-off servicing might be required include after an extended period of inactivity or following a significant event like a power outage or natural disaster. This service acts as a reassurance that everything is working as it should.

Generally, the company that installed your lift will offer this as a service, however, there are also standalone lift maintenance companies that will agree to a one-off call-out at a set fee if required.

Lift Breakdowns & Malfunctions

Unfortunately, like all machinery, lifts can sometimes break down or malfunction due to a number of reasons. 

When these incidents occur, it's crucial to have them addressed immediately to prevent further damage or risks to safety. Lift companies usually have dedicated teams for these emergencies, ensuring a swift response time. After resolving the issue, a thorough service is typically carried out to ensure that all components are functioning correctly, and any worn-out parts are replaced.

From our research, this can sometimes incur a separate fee or be included in your maintenance package or even in the terms you agree to when purchasing the lift.

How Much Does Home Lift Maintenance Actually Cost?

The cost of maintaining a home lift can vary based on several factors, including the lift's age, usage frequency, and the complexity of its components. However, as per our latest research, home lift maintenance and servicing packages generally fall between $900 to $1200 annually per lift. This usually encompasses routine check-ups about twice a year.

It's crucial to understand that these costs are a benchmark for home lifts. Commercial elevators, given their more frequent use and larger size, can have servicing costs that far exceed this range. Additionally, if parts need replacing or any extensive repairs are required, extra costs can be incurred.

Lift Maintenance Companies - What You Need To Know

While many companies offer both lift installation and maintenance, there's a niche of providers, especially in the commercial sector, specialising solely in lift maintenance. When choosing a maintenance provider, it's essential to consider:

  • The company's reputation and reviews.
  • The clarity and comprehensiveness of their service contracts.
  • Response time in emergencies.
  • The experience and training of their technicians.

Avoid companies with vague contracts, hidden fees, or a history of delayed responses. A good maintenance company is proactive, transparent, and prioritises your lift's safety and efficiency.

In conclusion, a home lift is a significant investment, and like all valuable assets, it requires care and attention. Regular maintenance ensures its longevity, safety, and efficient performance. Whether you opt for a comprehensive maintenance package or occasional servicing, always choose a reputable service provider. Your lift's longevity and the safety of its users depend on it.

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