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Sign Up To Lifts For Homes As A Supplier

Join Lifts For Homes Today & Starting Growing Your Residential Lift Business Risk Free!

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Get The Answers To Some Common Supplier Questions

We keep your Credit Card on file so that whenever you purchase a lead through our Lead Dashboard, we can provide that lead to you instantly so you can contact the customer and close the sale.

This way, we also charge your card on file the fee specified for the lead via our Payment Processor, Stripe, and also provide you with a PDF tax invoice straight to your inbox for all your accounting needs.

No, there is no cost for joining Lifts For Homes.

Our platform is free to join and there are also no on-going costs or fees for being a supplier.

You only per a set fee per lead that you want to quote on.

This fee will specified with each lead.

Your credit card details are only stored on with our payment process, Stripe, one of the worlds most secure and popular Payment Processor.

Our leads are only ever quoted on by up to three different suppliers on our platform.

This helps ensure the quality of our leads and improve the customer experience so that they are not overwhelmed with too many suppliers.

We vet every single lead that comes through to our platform with a pre-screening phone call.

This helps us weed out any tyre kickers and price shoppers so that we only refer high quality buyers to our suppliers.

In this process, we also use our understanding of the residential lift market to help understand our clients needs and budgets.

Our Support Team than analyses their needs and matches them to the suppliers that we think would have the best chance to close the deal and provide them with the best experience.

Some of the factors we use to match our clients to the best suited suppliers include, but are not limited to:

  • Price to Budget
  • Proximity
  • Lead Time

See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Phil Marciano
Phil Marciano
Home Lift Owner

The team over at Lifts For Homes are amazing. They knew exactly what type of lift I needed, vetted my requests carefully, and put me in touch with an expert partner that new exactly what I needed! 

Marcia Benham
Marcia Benham
Hydraulic Home Lift Owner

Lifts For Homes helped me get a Hydraulic Home Lift organised and installed in my home on such short notice. Their free quotes from expert partners helped me save thousands on my lift and get it installed before the holiday season. 

Geoff Murray
Geoff Murray
Vacuum Lift Owner

I was having trouble picking a provider for my recent Home Lift installation as there are so many companies in my area offering the same services. Lifts For Homes reviewed my house plans and put me in touch with the perfect company that installed the list at a great price!